Ghetto Bounce Testo

Testo Ghetto Bounce

[Moochie Mack talking]
A this straight up ghetto shit, you know talkin' 'bout
No purpose at all, I'm talkin' 'bout ghetto shit
I'm tallkin' 'bout when niggas wrappin' hot-dogs in a piece of bread
And fuck it up, you know talkin' 'bout?
I'm talkin' 'bout the white folks
that just be walkin' around barefooted, dirty
I'm talkin' 'bout trailer parks,
yeah yeah that's the ghetto, that's the white ghetto
Gold teeth, heard full of hair, still tryna get some weave
I'm talkin' 'bout ghetto shit, you know talkin' 'bout?
Bounce to this shit

[Moochie Mack]
Everybody want me to get a job, man I rather kill and rob
Get on the street and sale some dope, make that motherfuckin' dope Big Choke
Yes I'm from Atlanta man, peal you like a banana man
Come on let me tell you my master plan, I wanna be talkin' 'bout channels man
Sale moe dope then the government, make back all that money I spent
Fuck a house I'll build a tent, that way I ain't gotta pay no rent
Nigga I'mma try this rap hit, nigga ya'll betta clap shit
'Cause I'm tryin' hard shit, ya'll make a nigga fuck that shit
Put that reefa in a blunt, put that blunt up off a twist
Put that twist up off some fire, put that fire off in ya mouth
Nigga let's ride, get real high, smoked out 'till we satisfied
Go get them hoes, make them hoes say itchy itchy ey ey
Moochie Mack on the go, high as hell, oh no
Why the fuck everything movin' so slow?
I'm still in control, but all of the patrol, wit moe hoes
Like poe-poe lookin' for niggas wit no blow
But noooo, they'll never catch me
'Cause I be the m double o to the c-h-i-e
From the g-h-e-t-t-o, lady grab a 'bro, take 'em to the floe
And bounce it real low, then back up
give me a second while I roll the sac' up
Prepare for the second verse, I just might smoke the track up
Whether in house shoes, gators, or six inch steletos
Bounce if you from the ghetto, from the ghetto, bounce

[Chorus x2]
If you ghetto and you know it, bounce bounce (bounce bounce)
If you ghetto and you know it, bounce bounce (bounce bounce)
If you ghetto and you know it, and you ain't scared to show it
If you ghetto and you know it, bounce bounce (bounce bounce)

[Moochie Mack]
Man, niggas be wantin' to know why, I get so high
I tell them the only reason you can tell 'cause them red eyes
I be like damn man, let me do my damn thang
I don't be fuckin' wit' chu', while you at that Burger Kang
Nigga back up, ain't none of yo' gotdamn kids
Nigga back up, ain't none of yo' gotdamn friends
You finna' get slaped up, if you say something again
I snatch the track up, me, herb and slim all in
Now that's dead serious, I know you wanna be us
But yo' ma' won't let you cuss
And yo grandmama 'nem go fuss, but it's OK
'Cause you can't rap any way
If you could rap you probably wouldn't have shit to say
So nigga bounce

[Chorus x2]

[Moochie Mack]
I be the pussy wetter, big money bodicussy getter
The bitch you came wit', bet five I leave wit' her
If yo' rap's constipated, I be the big shitter
Bring ya' mama in the room, spread her legs and let me hit her
Dick bigger than motherfucka in porno pictures
Big chocolate, big nuts, bitches call me snicka
Henny sipper, naw I be the blunt spliter
My nigga buy quater pound, yo' niggas buyin nickels
Go getta off in ya' ear 'cause I'mma game spitter
I ain't sayin' shit, as long as them langs wit' her
Take her to the room, then I hot brrrr brrrr stick her
Bigger nigga then most of ya'll two dolla flippers
Down-south hall of fama, Moochie Mack's my nama
I hit yo' bitch and make her do the Mackarana
If you ain't talkin' 'bout money nigga shut the fuck up
And if you hear this jam from the ghetto get the fuck up and bounce

[Chorus x2]