Moon Revenge Testo

Testo Moon Revenge

Grasping the love you finally attain

you fall at ease into a light sleep

kissing your closed eyelids goodnight

I left you behind in The Garden Of Time

Love can't continue as a dream

it'll ravage you into a beautiful corpse, but....


if you wish, come chase me

that kiss was a red tattoo

a tattoo that engraced the predictions of fate

I can tell with one look

Stinging a tattoo in the shapes of my lips

you can't hide it, it's Moon Revenge

Drawn to each other

even when locked in darkness

I can't erase the aura, I won't step back

Heart burning from the transparent farewell

I wish to meet you again next time

Love is more selfish the deeper it gets

until you want to tie each breath down

unreasonable, yet...

We climb a spiral of light

the red memory is a poisonous tattoo

a tattoo that shows the future's chaos

if we're together, until we shatter

Stinging is a tattoo in the shapes of my lips

I don't care if we're still embracing

it's Moon Revenge