To The Club Testo

Testo To The Club

Look up in the sky feeling kinda high
you moove it like aerobic i tell you girl i love it
you like to work your booty to rock your as a duty
and we two guys we recognise look better than george clooney
the people want our sex we got it on our decks
black cold is on the table the moon is on the label
the bootic is the place to make you warply from the base
you want the dope we got it for you straight in the case

we want to see you freak that's why we push it to a peak
there's love to rock the rhythm, it's called the moonbootism
and we got worker honours decide that people are a bonus
they like your style they like our show 'cause we hit it like jimmy conners
moonboots kick the shit, we size it up a little bit
when you bang it like a drum with the base and rave the tongue
but raving is suspected to keep the minds connected
love flows love grows if you don't neglect it

bring your love to the club

bring your love to the club and rock this shit

this shit rocks

rock this shit