Love Is Not Enough Testo

Testo Love Is Not Enough

Though it takes away your back dreams
Fight all your weakened nights
You feel the blades fill your heart
Even though the worst you still stand strong
Despite the sound of hiccup sounds you look away

Let the drugs fulfill a new list
Don't look me in my hard gasp
You always bothered to be different
Now promise me we'll be o.k.

And I made a promise to you
Save us, we be so withered
This life is too hard
I'm not mentally strong enough
To hold your scars

Let me be up by your side until the very end
To defeat the life, raise up more times
You know you've got my heart, hanging by your side
For a moment, I though you're done
The scent of love is in the air, not enough
When you struck your soul for the part of the barrow
I'll sell your soul ?

I can't stand to see my father leave
I hate this world
I love you too much to be left this way
Let me take away the burden
That is draggin' you down
let me take away the only side
That's draggin' you down
Let me take away the part that is draggin' you down
You don't need me now
You don't need me now
You don't need me now
You don't need me now