4x4Ever Testo

Traduzione di 4x4Ever bandiera italia

Testo 4x4Ever

4 by 4 by Land, 4 by 4 by Sea
4 by 4 by Air ‘cause I like to fly free
4 by 4AM that’s when I rise
Sneak up on the landscape catch it by surprise

4 by 4 rules were made to be broken
4 by 4 respect - a little nod unspoken
4 by 4 my suburbs, 4 by 4 by drive-thru
4 by 4 the lost and found cities that I drive-to
4 my country how it all started out
4 the brave and every boy scout
4 the fun of it, ‘cause you know you can
4 by 4 more air, more sea, more land

4 by 4 doin’ it yourself cause you want it done right
4 by 4 top down – stars keep you up at night
4 stones that were meant to be turned
4 the dares and the thrills that you’ve earned

4 by 4 conquest, 4 by 4 dreams
4 by 4 waking up and crossing those streams
4 by 4 every one of those seventy-five years
4 by 4 the wave – that’s how we say ‘cheers’
4 by 4 today, tomorrow and never sayin’ never
That’s how we drive, survive… and live 4 by 4ever

This is 4 doin’ it right now and never waitin’
This is 4 the moments that are worth celebratin’
This is 4 the ones that go big or go home
Here’s to taking it and making it your own

4 by 4 the North, the South, East to the West
They all lead somewhere and you do the rest
Make the magic hour 24 long
Burn the map, use your gut, no you can’t go wrong

4 the lessons that you learned now you teach
4 by 4 taking what was once outta’ reach
4 the sounds you hear when no one’s around
4 knowing which way’s up and which way’s down
4 here, now, the good of getting better
Today, tomorrow, and 4 by 4ever

Livin’ wild and free like the wild life you’ve seen
Before and after, and the times in between
Growin’ up – freedom being all you’ve ever known
For the kids inside us all that are never fully grown

4 by 4 takin’ the long way back
4 stepping up and never livin’ life off the rack
4 the climb, the fall, the gettin’ up, the walkin’ tall
4 what you have and not needing it at all

4 by 4 today, tomorrow, and never sayin’ never
That’s how we drive, survive
And live… 4 by 4ever