Evil Eye Testo

Traduzione di Evil Eye bandiera italia

Testo Evil Eye

Look at me what do you want
I’m a man as well as you know
Evil in the air tonight,
we better make it right
Dollar for my mercy
Tell you what I know

Look see, look see
See you down upon your knees
I see sorrow coming down
Quick and sly
You must leave don’t come back
There is something on your track
Bad magic evil eye

You better watch your step
Time be getting hard if you don’t go
Rattlesnake in your hand
Don’t you flinch be a man
One silver dollar, help you if I can

Look around, look around
Look for sign there on the ground
I see sorrow in your way
By and by
On your way lonesome road
Poor boy heavy load
Bad magic evil eye

Swamp mud can’t get free
Don’t look back you don’t want to see
Voodoo coming on your trail
If you live to tell the tale,
give me a silver dollar
I’ll try to make your bail

Listen up, listen up
Listen good, keep it shut
I see you in the fire, flame & die
Leave me now and change your shape
Put a mask on your face
Bad magic, evil eye