Electronic Pleasure Testo

Testo Electronic Pleasure

Systematic rhythm in control Has left me in a world without emotion in my soul And my desire, oh, it feels like fire Electrifyin' energy of life Generates a power to a beat as cold as ice And my desire, oh, it takes you higher, highe,r higher Automatic songs that fascinate Dancin' in a trance, my mind and body activated My desire, oh, it feels like fire, yeah Accelerate the feeling everywhere Electronic pleasure makes the music fill the air And my desire, it takes you higher, higher, higher Get ready to flex, I'll make you bounce to these Rough raw rhymes in your mind and the galaxies 'Cause in the 9-5 season size is on a roll Pass the remote control. So I can change it up I gets a ten 'n' a half for mashin' the bass up And it don't matter what they say I'm like a pentium chip and every line carries 8K I comes with the digital Electric pleasure, here comes the pressure Known to be the man on The Jams On the Street Fighter 2 'Cause my style kicks like Kung Fu Or you can get open I got a fat PC with a 14.4 modem Now here comes the pressure My interpretation of electric pleasure