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Testo Lost Soul

When I got out of the shower something hit me in my head
the sound of the man telling me about the story I haven’t read
next thing I know I’m in the kitchen writing down
it’s the song I always wanted to write now I guess it’s coming along

Mama don’t preach, soul intense tell me what I wanna know
saw the plane jumped on board when I was six years old
now I’m a little bit older still the same time is on your side
there’s nothing I can do or say about it I’m gonna turn it inside out
Spend my life in the past time
always thinking of you
tell myself it’s a new day
can you hear me am I coming thru

I’m just a lost soul waiting for a call waiting for a time is mine
why don’t you take me back now baby singing blue blow no no no how I miss the
James Brown with the funky sound don’t you miss that good old soul
How can I forget myself when all I wanna do is grow

I’ve been thinking what you want for me
Got all my life ahead, I’m not about to follow this
I can’t let you go, I can’t let you win you probably hold on every time but I guess it’s time
I blow your mind and I’ll do it every time

I know it’s getting old
while my body’s turning cold where your going I don’t mind girl
l as long as you know where I’m coming from gone dance the night away


I’ve got a hit babe, so just hit me sing-a-long