My Little Star Testo

Testo My Little Star

(A. De Meo) © Le Parc Music

Please tell me that you're fine
Cause I need to sleep tonight
I'm spending all my time
Trying to find a reason why
You won the challenge now
I've done my best but didn't come through
Try to forget that day
But every dream reminds me about you

There's no place I can feel a little better
Theres no place there's no place
I know that you were right
You were so kind and I was telling lies
It's just a simple fact of life
You don't understand when you're on the other side
This time I've really done it
I've lost all the pride that I had
This time I've really done it
I tell you that i want you so bad
You're my little star

Still try to sleep at night
But you call me all the times
I'm looking at the sky
So many stars are shining bright
I feel so bad inside
I know you're loving someone else
My bell will ring one day
And you'll be coming back again