How Many Times Testo

Testo How Many Times

How many times

How many time me a want your girl

And I want you to be mine

Since the day I was born me a wait for your smile

Everytime it’s the same game, with you the same scene

The Day you’re in my brain, every nights you’re in my dreams
Today is no easy to wait the time
It’s so long me a want you to be mine.
So nice when you’re deh deh
Me a found you in a party. You’re were so sweet pon me,
Oh girl you’re still the one for me
Me love to see you moving, from the night ‘till de morning

Refrain x2

Ina the party see you gyal you a wine
Oh girl you’re my drug me need you to feel fine
I need you, just pon my side
You need affection, duty action, forget your boy me a give you satisfaction

Refrain x2

Me write, and me sing and me run for you
Doing what I can just to please u
Cause I’ve got no money, just my soul my body
I wanna give you love fi make you love me everyday