Let Me Grow Testo

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Testo Let Me Grow

Give me the food and let me grow
give me the knowledge let me know
I'm like the early early sunshine
ready to enlight my people with something bright
give me the shoes and let me go
fi buy a ticket fi take the road
nah let me poor child walking on the moon side with nothing
oh did you hear my Oh Why when mi looking so high behind the
everything you love ago build up my pride
mi don't wanna miss any piece of your line
so nah leave me lone
please nah keep me down
and so long the pickney nah row
him go dance in the wind at the bow
so keep him dancing
keep your children learning

I see so many youths watch dem deh pon the road
with no place fi run they got no place fi go
maddest dreams dem a gone
and we a know we gonna bring back so faith in the man of
and Fatbabs said yes
InI spread out the way fi progress
fi the little youth we affi give them the best
we affi give them the best place
cause we are the future my brothers, my sisters
we are the future