Intro Testo

Testo Intro

Everything is fine, I'm well and I'm breathing
I've just been busy and this is the reason
Grafting hard, I ain't getting no sleepin'
My hair ain't even done, shit, I look like The Weeknd
Shit, I'm lookin' a mess
But how could I look pretty knowing that you had to face death
I've been writing more and talking less
Til they've hardly heard me on the phone since my grandma's death, I mean
Rest in peace, you're gone, but know you're not forgotten
If they need me then I'm there, you know I've got 'em
Talkin' bars, you're talkin' flows, you know I've got 'em
So for who, what, where and when will I be stoppin'?

I couldn't stop even if I tried
This is me for life
I am Nadia Rose and this is the intro
Love you, bye