Hoka Testo

Testo Hoka

You're in a very auspicious time right now

And she shows you, like, holding hands with all these different nations

Grandfather to the west, ascend my voice

Your (promise this[?]) life is to be the voice of truth

Grandfather to the north, ascend my voice
Our Earth needs us now

You are carrying the torch
You are our future

Grandfather to the east, ascend my voice

It is [?]

In the future, duality and evil are going to be diminished
But at the moment, we are in a full-on war

Grandfather to the south, ascend my voice

And you're about to walk into an entirely next level of your life's purpose

She's talking about you gathering the nations
And that's literally what she's saying

(And my intent[?]) for the people that can give you permission to be okay with what you're doing,
because you've got to find a tribe, which I have a feeling you've done...