Sometimes Testo

Testo Sometimes

I love summer rain I love sunshine I love being around you All of the time You've shown me things That I've never seen before Small smart things I'm starting to adore And I adore you Sometimes I love the way it seems so quiet in the snow I love the way I tell you things that noone else could know I love the way you make me laugh with just one look We're a fairy tale romance taken straight from a book And I adore you Sometimes I worry you'll go away And never come back Have I told you this before Sorry I lose track Of the times I've sat and wondered What you really think of me And when you stand and look at me Exactly what you see Do you adore me Sometimes I love the shape you're mouth makes when you smile I love the way you are so grown up With the eyes of a child I love the way you tell me that you're mine And I love summer rain And I love sunshine And I adore you Sometimes Yes I adore you Sometimes