Can't Get Me Testo

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Testo Can't Get Me

[Verse 1:]
Boy is you crazy thinking I'm your lady tryin' hold my hand why you acting shady you don't even know my name and that is a shame why you always playin' games? I'm not feelin' you but I know your feeling me but you need to stop baby.

Cause you can't get me if you tried so just get me out your mind boy your wasting your time you'll never be mine cause you can't get me.

[Verse 2:]
You think you hustla coming to me like dat it' not cool and you always wearing dat hat It'll be much better if you just stay away I'll have a better day if you just stay away everything was better then untill you just popped in can you stay away and come back another way.

[Chours: till' end]