Spanish Hustle Testo

Testo Spanish Hustle

Since the snot nose running with the demon '
The only moreno pero si, comprendo
When it came to the popo no entiendo
Hablo, no Nintendo, ace, shake down like beat aqua
'Cause a broke nigga no dice nada
Like the salsa you stuck in the cama
Que pasa? Need chips for enchiladas
Think of all them days when I had nada
Six block city, learn to hustle proper
Shout out to my buddies, dominicanos
Truly all the pugs that I know, dime
Don Marco Santiago
We out on four wash like we own them blocks
Fumando, more and sonando
' I'mma need to
Mo, you got them Os, I'mma need a few
Hit the bodega for some dutches then I swing through
I peet mommy with them jays and they clean, too
I post it like mama, como te llamas?
Sabes que, no me digas nada
'tu y yo, vuelves manana
Saw the Benzo, hopped through the window
Took her on a ride down riverside
We are down on that grind, spilling, moving, slide
Spanish hustle