Progress Testo

Testo Progress

Life has a funny way of playing games
Teaching you the rise and fall
Through a reflection of missteps and mountain tops

And the longer you journey
The faster you find out
That’s it’s...
…Fuck, I have no idea


Is a funny thing
When you’re on the floor
Grasping for air

Ticking slowly
Taking hold of me
Fading only
When the morning comes around

(morning comes around)

Pull me in to what I know is gonna
Fuck me over
Love me hard to my favorite song
Singing lyrics wrong

Keep me lowkey in your mind
And I hope this is your last time

I wanna bounce back, I do
I wanna laugh at it too
See myself through your eyes
As a captain, it's true

Gotta roll gotta roll gotta roll with myself for a little while

See what it’s like
To fuel my own fire

I probably look so dumb
I try to keep myself numb
I gotta move from your thumb
Oh, you don’t like that? Well

I’ll wait for you
But I won’t sit by the phone
In my heart

Know the truth
But I won’t do it alone

Is a word that’s foreign
To the world I’ve known
But baby I am growing, growing

Saving space
From all the warmth
The days are getting longer
I am getting stronger

The sun will come out
If you let the rain fall
Go on, let the rain fall sometimes
(Let the rain fall)

The sun will come out
If you let the rain fall
If you let the rain fall, sometimes
(Let the rain fall)