Free Nation Testo

Testo Free Nation

We're breeding some real invalids and cons
Most of us don't have a clue of what's going on
I can't believe we live with this mutation
We must be just a step out of damnation

Cremation, free nation

Haven't I read all of this in a book?
It seems the Romans were hung on the same hook
We might lose a little bit in the translation
But I think it's basically the same equation

Creation, of a free nation

I look at the crowd and see something in their faces
It makes me glad that I'm not in their places
I'm single minded and in for the duration
With my progress serving as my explanation

Predation, in a free nation

Take and talk and time for all of it
There are no leaders who see the point of it
Independence is always started by education
But only will be truly gained by declaration

Elation, for a free nation
Free nation, free nation