Chorus: Phiness Testo

Testo Chorus: Phiness

CHORUS It's workin' It's workin' Party people if you're ready to rock let me hear you scream! I play for keeps sidewalks and streets we reign and we pop and daily routine sweeps. It's the fanatic can't kick the habit so there you have it I'm a addict. When I'm near the mike I gots to grab it. Rip the system to shreds grab the braids in my head. Everybody get lifted remember the rhyme said. This is your introduction to the new episode. With the Double I countin' down to explode. Naughty kicked in the door, here come 235 more, livin' rotten to the core everybody to the right, cause all I got left is my flow. I'm floatin' with Boogie Beat fishin' in a record ocean. Uh oh, I guess it's going' down, not now, right now. So I got down with the git down for Illtown. Figure it's the fine fanny, I miss my mammy. And you could ask my uncle Randy, I'm grateful for my granny nanny that's my mother's mammy. Two tittle brothers with different fathers but we're still family. Forget how rough I had it, let's see how smooth it gets. Cuz I might wind up doing that same old cruddy shit. Like clockin', sellin' rocks in my neighborhood. Back cockin', buckshottin', your ass is shot. CHORUS It's workin', It's workin' Party people if you're ready to rock let me hear you scream! Can you chill a can can you spill a can can you kill a can I know I can I know I can I know I can can an American a Republican tucking with this African can from this kian land I know I can It's a war wick wick wick wack that's Dionne Dionne should have predicted her quick trip and Stayed cool like fuckin' freon Or get frozen for eons and beyond bein' the unbelievable bastard I be Well belive that shit's some be on Settle the score check Melba needs Moore since now she poor looks to get richer by puttin' rap up in the picture I'll fix ya backwards blindfold step KLICKOW' Your ass like Calvin so butts get kicked now forgive the enemy be a friend of me you teach but forgivin' ain't seem my music crushed in the streets preach love practice hate break tapes and chatterin' Streaks on your structure Stain your whole establishment let's get specific style that's horiorific twisted plus terrific with a tongue that's terroristic we'll lift it then shift it brandish the biscuit finish you nitwit cancel Christmas won't stop this slick shit CHORUS It's workin', It's workin' Party people if you're ready to rock let me hear you scream! time to do sit up I'm a loose nut watch crews get cut bring it to my illtown grounds and lose your butts but whaqt is the matter matter of fact I don't wanna hear you talk so close your trap Suckers get interslit like splinters for the winter see Dolores sucka truck I shoula told you Large Marge sent her two chocolates away from being sloppy in bunches with no lunches step with the punches and try some butt crunches get your hands clappin front and the back and keep a cool head for all my swingers packin attackin' back in the motherfuckin' house done travelled a milion miles and I'm still kickin' styles backsnack taht ass back now how's about that? you feel about as shitty as a baby's unwiped ass crack I'll crack a bat dead on the back black and leave you layin' there flat as a flapjack We ain't friends to the end I blasted Chuckie after this instead of beef you'll be givin me chicken at Kentucky lackin' lucky so worlds fear these and there'll be no more you Ooh! ooh! like no world's series Never a fad and madder than mad and radical rude rottin' razxkal kid man what's happenin'? check the skills on the real it's best to chill don't be caught in the down the hill ordeal it's ill man this shit is deep huh! I'm goin' deep undercover like a muhfucker way beneath the sheets full blows get thrown to the upper dome and continue to go on until you're up and gone When we spot a block knok no tellin' where the rest will go hustle with my friends straight ballin' like testicles bowlin for dollars rollin' for hours rappers the pin strike is my friend they be took out in groups of ten scoopin' change you'll be like "Who's that group again?" on the ground with no sound with just boots and chins yeah and ya don't stop lust check out us Illtown niggaz rock