Wonderful Place Testo

Testo Wonderful Place

Damn, it's setting in now (so high)
cuz cartoons are turning into real life
lemons and limes are fighting
fighting over straws
like they were oil filled pipes

and why's the sun writing this song
and why is this funny to me
all of a sudden the mouse comes along
and what he sings brings harmony

you may not understand
why there's a smile on my face
it's cuz this world could be
such a wonderful place

cuz some of these companies
two-thousand began a race (??)
but not me man
i see a wonderful place
the world's a wonderful place

my soul's in my smile
don't frown
just get up get up

look at the birds
look at the bees
look at the skies
look at the seas
it's a wonderful place

look at the planes
look at the cars
look at the sun
look at the stars

the wallpapers moving
my arms and my legs leave
a blur when i swipe
sap is just oozing
the trees say "smoke blocks the sun"
so for them it's just night

the seven eyes look in thru the clouds
and why is that funny to me
and here comes the mouse singing loud
and what he sings brings harmony