Thoughts Testo

Testo Thoughts

They say the homes where the heart is
Then the hearts where the hood is cah my homes up in the hood that's where it started
With my niggas we ain't parted
The same mind frame
Eat the whole cake then lick the plates then we want afters
Their hoping that I drop off or get nick or in da box
Or stay up on them blocks shotting them rocks and never make a lot
Got to much to grind for
To much to die
To much dedication I'm filthy rich in the making
I'm on a mission where there's marble in the kitchen
And da gardens out of vision
Ending deep down in da distance
Wid a diamond who ain't obsessed bout herself and she just listens
Who respects me for success but don't judge me how I did it
Bruddas in da same position
Now that's winning
Right now I'm in a race and my feet dem are fucking killing
Tryna stay ahead I ain't shoulder rubbing to fit in
Cah niggas here either trap or they begging man for a bring in
Straight head shots for dem niggas dat stay singing
See I can hold a note but you'll never hear bout me singing
See I could write a book of all da drama that I been in
But fuck feeling sorry for myself I'm still living
To dat girl that loved I won't forget you
That conversation by the bridge on the bench it was special
It's funny how we fell so deep in such a short time
We would go halves on a date it weren't all mine
Sort of like a friendship
Told her that I loved her and I meant it
Then I broke her heart and weren't man enough to mend it
But years past and tears died
You built walls I built mine
You always said I use to show my feelings at the wrong time
Maybe it was, maybe it weren't but lemme change up
I'm tryna live the dream while these haters hoping I wake up
Truth is I've been awake
Been plotting on some bigger cake
Word to rave holidays the only
My time I take a break
To be honest I don't know where my mind be
I'm staring dead in this mirror I'm tryna find me
Reasoning wid Jus
He's like my unrelated Siamese
Always pushing me to write cah the scene ain't got nothing like me
He's says
Live life love it
Tek gyal fuck it
I just went and got that 16 plate car wid da buckets
Half German girl tryna put a baby in her oven
So I hold it in after the session after we fucking but
I ain't ready for another child I ain't learn my lesson
Not my first but my second that I hardly mention
They never got to live and I'm apart the reason that is
Selfish mind religious crime
Man I need the masjid
I fell off deen and went and got my p's up
Yeah I'm better of for money but my situations fucked
Working 7 days a week there ain't no breaks out on that block
And if it ain't that dirty rock I'm selling tickets for that gwop
My cousins in jail, found guilty on the trial
But where just some good kids tryna get it and get out
While these niggas want the fame they only thinking bout the now
I tell em what about your future nigga what about your future
Kids growing up wishing that they never knew ya
Man it's different round my local
I've been distant I ain't social
Been stabbed chased niggas down and been chased down
I've been bad it's all changed round I got a kid now