Once Testo

Testo Once

We get a buzz on the bubblegum bubble
singin' a song about how we have no trouble
rides are long like a life line time its something that feels good in the palm of your hand
we shake our bodies til we go insane, action is sweet and electric we die repeate-tedively

to be the first time we do it
so you can do it again
its just a second of ruin
do it again and again
and if we did it a million
and if we did it for love
we didnt do it enough

we like to dance and we do we see double
the world could end and we'd just go to rubble
life is long for the most, part time its on your side if you've got a break it- heal it, break it- heal it heart

(do it, do it again)
(do it ×3)
(again and again and once)