Here In My Heart Testo

Testo Here In My Heart

Nicol Smith - Here In My Heart (Soundtrack "Angel Eyes") Sometimes there's a time you must say goodbye Though it hurts you must learn to try I know I've got to let you go But I know anywhere you go You'll never be far 'Coz like the light of a bright star You'll keep shining in my life You're gonna be right [Chorus] Here in my heart That's where you'll be You'll be with me Here in my heart No distance can keep us apart Long as you're here in my heart Won't be any tears falling from these eyes 'Coz when love's true love never dies It stays alive forever Time can't take away what we have I will remember our time together You may think our time is through But I'll still have you [Repeat Chorus] I know you'll be back again And till then My love is waiting [Repeat Chorus twice]