Beeswax Testo

Testo Beeswax

[Interpretation 1]

Why doesn't she need him for a father?
Not only made us, but I can thrive on his shit.
Goring my manhood turns a man off.
Like Pepe LePew would say,
Hey, hey, hey! -- then we clash!

I got my diddly spayed
She laughs about it.
Shrinking inflections if the wind blows just right.
Jacking themselves off polyester.
I wanna jump, this isn't right!
Hey, when am I getting it back?

I don't know why,
I got a joke too silly to say.
Don't touch the balls.
I got a dick, Dick -- hear my fucking hate!

If you're wondering, it's gaining monthly. (If your world is getting ugly)
Fiberglass insulated, the sky is cotton candy.
Spawning downstream, El Rancho Ovulate.
Freely kill him, make it wrong.
Bill has brought me deep in idyll. (idyll / anal)
Billy Slim reminds me of someone.
I'm sick of being Mother Love Bone. (I understand your fear for the love boat)
Don't need to kneel 'cause they wanna jump rope.
And I say, loooooook!

I got my diddly spayed,
I got a little tail,

Ahhhh, I got no balls.
Don't throw that ball.
I got a ..huh! huh!
When ya gonna learn?

[Interpretation 2]

?? seen him for a father
Not only maidens can occupy my shack
Gluing my manhood gism ?
Like Pepe Le Pew would say hey! hey!
And then we clutch!
I got my dingaling spayed

Shouldn't ask about it
Drinking, reflections, the wind blows just right
Jagged thumbs of polyester
I wanna jump, just isn't right-ight!
Wait'll I get it back!
I got my dingaling spayed

I got a joke too silly to say
Don't touch the balls
Lie down and dig dig
Am I fucking ready?
I got my dingaling spayed

And your wondering whats ??
Fiberglass insulated and the sky was cotton candy
Spawning helps ritual (Rachel) ovulate
Feeling can't help me romp
Bill just fuck me, take me idle
Philly's slit reminds me of someone
I'm sick of paying for the love boat
Tony and Tenille say wanna jump rope
And I say look!

I got my penis spayed
I got a little tail!
I got my dingaling spayed
...nothing hard
I gotta be around pussy
Don't let me fall
I got a heh-heh...well you can't live!
We got my dingaling spayed