Lipsynch Stars Testo

Testo Lipsynch Stars

Cruisin down the road with my roof down
had the radio blastin´ a song
so you hit the top 40 for a week
all the recordbuyers can´t be wrong
I never badmouthed nobody
but you make me wanna give it a try
so when you act like a fucking rockstar
how can you look´em straight in the eye

lipsynch stars
the playback is on
lipsynch stars
pull the plug and you´re done
another great night baby you´re so wrong
lipsynch stars
choke on your song

is it cause you´re afraid you might fuck up a line
well that ain´t gonna ruin the night
and in that case you better go get a job
or learn to sing the fucking thing right
or is it for the money you make everynight
on the t-shirts, posters, merchandise
you deserve to get your head kicked in
like a meth dealer´s door by the cops

lipsynch stars
wear no frown
lipsynch stars
til the tape breaks down
think you´re so cool but you´re such a clown
lipsynch stars
I hope you go down

lipsynch stars
when the playback´s on
lipsynch stars
pull the plug and you´re done
put your shades on and get in the car
lipsynch stars you know who you are

just a lipsynch star
lipsynch stars, lipsynch stars

yeah yeah yeah lipsynch stars
there you go, there you go,
they´re just a bunch of lipsynch stars
I´m talking bout lipsynch stars
you want it, you got it, you better sing along with your lipsynch stars
that´s right babe, watch out!