Eye To Eye Testo

Testo Eye To Eye

I've got half a mind to pack up and leave
To walk away, to never ever have to be
The bad guy, the one you're avoiding
Do we see eye to eye?

Maybe I'll back away slow
To let you see that maybe I don't wanna know
You're not for me, your words are the antidote
But I'm not poisoned yet
Leave me be tonight
I've seen your malice once before
I know you're alright
I'll leave my footprints at your door

Can we talk just to work it out
It's not a joke or a prank it's what I'm all about
But she decieves, she lies, she angers easily
She said, "Can't you vent to me?"

"Take a walk to the park and see
That all along I told you you could talk to me"
But this is wrong, I let her in so easily
I said "Can't you leave me be?"

It's just a joke it'll mess with the emotions
It's just a prank it'll pull her through
It's just a lie, I'm just a victim
A little self control whispers "What did I do?"
I'll take what's left of my heart and I'll pack up
I'll draw the line that I should've all along
I'll be the bad guy, I'll let myself die
If it'll get me out before the end of this song