So So Serious Testo

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Testo So So Serious

(feat. T.M.F.)

[Chorus: Christ Bearer]
So So Serious about the game
So So Serious about the damn thing
Take a little fame then legend of the fame
So So Serious about the damn thing

[Hook 1: Christ Bearer (Kryme Life)]
(When it come to that dough we) So So Serious
(For my family I'm) So So Serious
(In my hood we) So So Serious
(It's.. not.. a game) So So Serious

[Kryme Life]
For my bread I leave a nigga in a coma
cuz in the hood that paper means somethin' like a high school diploma
Weed aroma, breath smellin' like Corona's on the corners
We're quick to draw blood like donors, in the clinic
In the zone while I scrimmage, while y'all clones try to mimic
We gon' hold it down, Tommy gon' be home in a minute
Put a hole in ya linen, while you tryin' to be Old Gold for Menin
Ya stats is weak so overall ya finished

[Christ Bearer]
Yo yo yo
They came to play yet I'm So So Serious
Kept in a wreck in the cortex, furious
Lookin' for the D-O-D-O-Y
For my nigga M-I-D-D for life
He is I and, I is him
I just work the diet/gym cuz I don't play gin
Keno, blackjack, the slots or craps
The overall, the under era's on the razor back


[Hook 2: Christ Bearer (Meko the Pharaoh)]
(In the North) So So Serious
(At the club) So So Serious
(Rollin' on dubs) So So Serious
(It's.. not.. a game) So So Serious

[Meko the Pharaoh]
Big faces, bitch chasin', mindscapin'
Time changin', sunny, rainin'
I stay aimin' for a higher position
and wishin', dishin' out them blind-eyed missions
Equipped in all areas, my bars bury ya
Especially if ya scared of the crew
NorthStars say knockin' down ya roof
Knockin' down motherfuckers with a new wolf troop

Ya got to be kiddin' me, right?
Cuz you can't be serious
And you only makin' yaself look like an idiot
Niggaz think I'm slippin' cuz I drink like a whino
But when it come to beef, nigga, it's a wrap like a gyro
I'm not a preacher, I don't carry no bible
And I ain't comin' to talk, cuz I never conversate with my rifle
I sip beers like rum on chairs
Watch what you say behind closed doors cuz the walls got ears


[Hook 3: Christ Bearer (Trife)]
(When them guns is spittin' we) So So Serious
(Niggaz play they position, we) So So Serious
(For New York to Cali) So So Serious
(It's.. not.. a game) So So Serious