Best Of My Life Testo

Testo Best Of My Life

Girl, don?t say that it?s overCause you are a part of meGirl, just hold on and pleaseTell me, what is wrong with usCould it be that you?re onlyCould it be that I didn?t careAnd tell me please girl that you are still feeling for meBridgeGirl where is the loveThat we used to knowOur loveAll these beatiful daysThat we used to shareLord, tell me please what can I doChorusI will give youThe best of my lifeYes, I?ll give youAll that you needAnything that you wantI will give it to you(2x)And you know that I miss youAnd you know, I can?t live without youI?m praying each day that your love willCome back my wayIn my dreams I still hold youIn my dreams are you still with mePlaese don?t hesitateCause girl I can?t wait for our loveBridgeChorusWhere is the love we used to knowThese beatiful day we used to shareChorus (2x)