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I love her so muchFrom the taste of her kiss to her gentle touchThe way she whispers in my earLike there is no one else hereI'm so crazy for you babyYou know I wouldn't want anyone else cause you my ladyBianca:Are there words to describeWhat I'm feelin' insideJust to have you here with meIs where, for the rest of my life, I'll wanna beBoy I need you One more night without you, I can't go throughCan I just have one more kissSo I can remember thisI can't say a wordCause I'm so crazy girlCrazy for youSo crazy in love I don't know what to doNu Flavor & Bianca:And for the rest of my life it'll beJust you and meCan this bethat your right here with meWe'll be together foreverAll my life I've wanted someone like youTo walk in and say "Baby I Do"And forever I will remember it allAnd I'll never fallFor anyone but you