Sell Out Testo

Testo Sell Out

All I see is a bunch of sellouts.
People being fake and only caring about themselves.
It's disgusting what some people will do.
Sometimes wondering if I'm the same way,
Sometimes wondering if I might die today.
See I got this passion to live,
When you look into my eyes can you tell
Where I been, 'cause when I look at you its obvious
You're just another waster of human flesh.
The air through my lungs
The blood through my veins
All of this shit driving me insane.
Praying to God hoping he really exist
'Cause I just can't keep living like this.
Keep saying things you don't really mean,
Do you think when its over you got what you seen?

People say they're in love
But would turn their back on them for someone better.
It makes me sick
It makes me laugh
But in the end where the fuck you at.

Look into my soul
Good or bad
At least I'm not you,
Standing at the end of the world
Already knowing what I have to do.

There's temporary happiness that everybody likes
1, 2, 3, camera action lights the plane crashes and everybody dies
Wondering what the hell just happened to your life.
Screaming that you don't wanna die
But if you live what are you gonna do with your life?

My whole body feels cold and the rest feels dead.
One minute here the next minute gone.
Once remembered now forgot, stabbed murdered and shot
Closed Casket Dammm gotta wonder if there's a God
Why would this happen.

It's 12:43 do you still hear me?
I'm the only man up who actually knows what's up.
I'm trying to get my thoughts together walking to anywhere outside
Now I think I know why there suicide.

You can say you believe in heaven and still go to hell
But I think we both know where your gonna go
Im screaming at night and I got the shakes
They say people gotta learn from there own mistakes.
I love you ain't nothing but words

I never got what I deserve
Tell me lies 'cause it's all you say
I'm better then you anyway.
All you got is A fake sense of humor
And a phony laugh, But do it if it sends you might at ease.
At the end maybe you'll see a masterpiece.

Making love to someone you don't really care about
In the end your just another sellout
Take a look around who's really your friend
Cause after today you'll never see me again