Hard Like Heroic Testo

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Testo Hard Like Heroic

(lyrics By Reakfish)

Grind baby, grind baby but not the leveling kind, I mean like playing WoW online and then a rouge gets you from behind so heres your chance drop my pants like were raiding Gruul, but like the mushroom from mario brothers you are just going to get one up in your thunder bluff like a shaman in the buff you love my totem where you PVP. I go for teens im just like blizzard and the ESRB stayin up all night it seems careening to caffine you wanna raid late ill mountain dew ya cause my metal gears like solid snake hard to see but im breaking into ya!

Hard like heroic, more than you can handle lets do it like a druid in the general channel.

Gettin Boogie Now!

I love that purple headed staff because its epic, I think your Wii's the one for me, because im swinging from the joystick moving to quick, carrot on a stick click on my button alchemy, but i got the notion that my noggenfogger potion might give you the bone you need or else youll get small size like those ally guys no lies, cuzz gnome's dont come equiped and then well cyber like short circuit johnny 5 wiith a microchip wothout a doubt im an epic mount if you got alot of stamina ill smile and then come back once in a while dont wanna subscribe just want the trial.


Ending: Hey Nyhm whatcha eatin? Something called an illegal danish.Oh yea is it any good? Oh yea! But it takes like 6 months to make one. Try an illegal danish! hope your not hungry its going to be a while...