Death Wish Testo

Testo Death Wish

Nothing can come between usNothin gets you downNothing strikes your fancyNothing turns you onSomebody is waiting in the hallwaySomebody is falling down the stairsSet someone free, break someone's heartStand up help us outEv'rything is dividedNothing is completeEv'rything looks impressiveDo not be deceivedYou don't have to wait for more instructionsNo one makes a monkey out of meWe lie on our backs, feet in the airRest and relaxation, rocket to my brainSnap into positionBounce till you acheStep out of lineAnd you end up in jailBring me a doctorI have a hole in my headBut they are just peopleAnd I'm not afraidDoctor DoctorWe have nothing in our pocketsWe continueBut we have nothing left to offerFaces pressed against the windowHey! they are just my friendsCheck this out don't be slickBreak our backs it goes like this . . .We are born without eyesightWe are born without sinAnd our mama protects usFrom the cold and the rainWe're in no hurrysugar and spiceWe sing in the darknessWe poen our eyes (open up)I can't believe itAnd people are strangeOur president's crazyDid you hear what he saidBusiness and pleasureLie right to your faceDivide it in sectionsAnd then give it awayThere are no big secretsDon't believe what you readWe have great big bodiesWe got great big headsRun-a-run-a-run it all togehterCheck it out - still don't make no senseMakin' flippy floppyTryin to do my bestLock the doorWe kill the beastKill it!