I Know Testo

Testo I Know

i'm not trying to reinventwhat you call musici just want to write my songs& maybe if i'm lucky you will like it toomaybe not as much as i dobut that's ok, it's fine by meif you feel you have to bethe one who calls it in the airfor all the world to seei'm not trying to rule the worldi'm typing from the glow of my screenpouring out my heart& building up what you see as a chance to seemas important as the ones that you woulddie to be, but you just can't seem to beas cool as that, so tip your hatso for all the world to seein your punk rock magazinewhich itself seems played to mecan you answer just one question?A vice-versa inquisitioni fi gave you a guitarwould you even know where to start?if i gave you a microphonewould you show us up & send us home?