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Testo No Sense Of Me

Mi sfioro il viso lento
tra le dita non rimane niente
e i ricordi e questi pensieri
cadon nei
sogni di

momenti sembrano
senza un senso
col tuo dolore che entra dentro me
le note di oblio
qui nel vento
in questo sprofondare lento

If I try to opes eyes
to see that all falls and dreams are
distant memories
I remember feelings ended

Maybe I've to have the strenght
of true one is to drown
in thoughs that I have built

To run away from all 'cause time
has passed too fast
and everything has faded to horizon

i sogni son ricordi di momenti morti in me
i sogni sono solo un modo per sopravvivere
doesn't have sense today
'cause I dream one day went return
anymore it doesn't have
sense say tomorrow

'cause I finned to yesterday
again I feel this sorrow
and I know you are my escape
and hope inside of me