Scam Legends Testo

Testo Scam Legends

I'ma get them phones in the same day that they drop
We gon' turn around like yap, we got burners and them chops
You can try us if you want to, but them bodies gon' get drop
Drop the top, wok wrestle with the pop
There's homeless nigga's on the streets, never mind that's the opps
Woke up with a boner, never mind that's the Glock
Opps homies slide down, never mind they with the cops
Oh, he with the opps?
Never mind, I'm finna grab the chop
I make a mess in the mall but they never mind
You flash money on the 'Gram, but it's never yours
You don't even got a job you still doing chores
Off a Perc 10, cut into her where's the choochie whore?
Ay, Tron I'm finna start punching them go and close the door
Fuck around and turn into a crawler if I pour a four
Walk around and turn into a swiper when I'm in a store
Blow the torch, bitch I'm in the cut like an open sore
And this a big ass Glock, I ain't got a sword
And this a fuckin' Hellcat, I ain't got a Ford
I'ma leave a nigga wide open, like a open door
Like a junkie on the street, when I get money I still want some more
Funky ass Dior cost 11, that's a Klay Thompson
Boy fuck your chest and your leg, bitch we face poppin'
Pineapple Fanta, with the- I'ma straight drop it
Lungs full of-, I swear this wedding cake toxic
4 years later, and this nigga still click hoppin'
We be in the streets, them nigga's in the house TikTok-in'
I'll up 10 bands in your face, I'd bet you stop talkin'
You ain't got no money in your safe, and ain't shit in your wallet
I let the K rock 'em, boy bitch ain't 'bout it
How your bitch bad?
Buddy boy, her toes ain't polished
Four a buck, she let me slam but I ain't Giannis
She make that ugly face, when she suckin' so I hate watchin'