Maintain The Focus (Dirty) Testo

Testo Maintain The Focus (Dirty)

"O.D. Representatives" From the World Trade to Nayrobi, cats they know me
Rappers remind me of ass pains without Preperation
My team gives you sensations like iritation
My dedication to this game is never shaken
But it's taken a nine to five last summer to bring the bacon
Forsaken, all MCs staking claims when they real not
We maintain the focus like a wide angle shot
Kid is hot, what!


My compulsary tactics
Y'all niggas could never fuck with my cerebral process
Professes words when I stretch
I take a breath, inhale ???? sell the rest for scientific
Flows like, water on minds
Maintain thye balance like hydraulics
I'm always on point, 5-1-4 are the co-ordinates
Self explainatory like horoscopes from pennants
Fatal executions, I face a God and death sentence
My word, team before himself, brain cells, resells my knowledge
Son, you poisonous corps, to dodge rams and survivors
And why, support of thinking the whole world up on my shoulders
Deciper my frame of mind, it's fragments forming to clusters
Brothers is still shook like aftershocks following tremors
Couldn't realize, these see they eyes on the prize
Acting like chicks in porno flicks, getting fake niggas a rise
We ruch you inside the scrimmages then we blitz like O-lines
Leaving your face green like spinach and extroverts too timid
It's like that y'all


[scratched] "But I maintain my focus and hold my fort down"
[Busta] "Maintain the focus while we smoke these marijuana trees"

[Science] Yo, you want to battle? "okay"
[Eclipse] Dont step to O.D. though "yeah, okay"
[Science] O.D. Maintain the focus
[Eclipse] Check this out
A-Trak, Logik, Dave One, Eclipse, and Science
Representing one time
Break it down