Paradise Testo

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Testo Paradise

Yeah, uhh
Rock on the boards, y'know?
Hahahahahaha, yeah
Yeah yeah, what what
Yo, yo

Whatever I write, I abide by, sayin what I mean
Meanin what I stand by, O.C.
Be full of ambition, never givin up on them good things
I love my life, it's worth livin
When I feel I'm at a standstill and things ain't right
I look to my niggaz for insight
and vice verse adjust my thoughts, play it like sports
Grown-ass man and I'm my own brand
It's safe to say I'm too fly to waste away
Responsibilities, give me a price to pay
Not livin for today cause half ain't okay
I'm far from greedy, but I want the whole entree
Give me silk, take away the satin
Prefer somethin beyond gold, I want platinum
I'd rather chill in the Bermudas than in Palm Springs under palm trees
With my lady sippin on the Malibu Bay Breeze

[Chorus: O.C.]
Paradise y'all, how I'm livin my life
It's alright huh, stay gettin that dough
With my co-D's, we split dough down the middle
so it's no greed, that's how we proceed
Customized flow, detailed top to bottom
Like a brand new paint job, it's hard not to spot 'em
Far as I see things clearer than the sight
I'm destined one day to see my name in lights
See I do what I know at best to flow freely
Born to drop gems more exotic than Tahiti
O.C. I'm all for it
From state to state, cross borders, even clear across waters
What I fuse, how I choose, the way I use
what I rock can't be excused
Fur thoughts like a chinchilla
Wordplay go down smooth as Genuine Draft, it's just Miller
I, Black Moses, Brooklyn God, Jehovah
And the Mayor, some be thugs and some players
Crown a new king G, bring me wine and grapes
on a plate, rubber bands on them things
Seperate the gold and the ice, playin it safe
It bring smiles to the gold teefs in my face
Yeah, uhh, everyday I say my grace

[Chorus x2]

Yo, I'm deep rooted, watch my ass for intruders
Hate to pack guns but if provoked I shoot it
Request the best, I'll blaze 'em all
Kings with crowns, I see many ways for y'all to fall
It's my world y'all, and I set the pace
Come in my zone, niggaz better 'bout face
Judgin from the fact I been in the game for some time
All I did was age like wine
Redefine what I'm after, did what I had to do
to break through, and reserve another chapter
For all those years, I played the rear
Now it's time to step up a notch and boost the rep up
I'm pure skill, like fishscale
Get you wide open this here's XL
I shall prevail in the game, feelin the flame grow stronger
Can't hold it back any longer
Right the wrong, whether storms ahead
Wildlife's in your area, we killin 'em dead
No reason for treason, money don't matter to the clique
When it comes to us, we break it even

[Chorus x2]