Save Me Testo

Testo Save Me

Save, save me
Drinking down my demons has lost its taste
Don’t leave me this way
Tell me that you’ll be there when I can’t see straight
You think you’re worried now?
You don’t know the half of it
I’ll drink myself to this hole that I call home
There’s no stopping this

Another night down so damn faded
Living life but i fucking hate it
Another day past let me waste this
Cause all i know is the bottle saves me

There’s only so long i can't drink this down
Suffocate it and hope it drowns

I’ve felt like this for far to long
These thoughts they stick
These thoughts they rip apart my soul
I’ve got too much more to give than giving up

Just one more night
I’ll drown in my sea of sorrow
I’ll waste this life
All on my fucking own

Another night down