Anthropocentric Testo

Testo Anthropocentric

"Christianity came into existence in order to lighten the heart; but now it has first to burden the heart so as afterwards to be able to lighten it. Consequently it shall perish"
[Friedrich Nietzsche]

As the symbols of the metaphysics of the hangman are taken off the walls of our living rooms
Humanity emancipates
Christ statues fall and die of age
Just like us: in/organic decay
The myths of the martyrs have waned
No longer do we mourn their loss
Their children dance and play their games
In the shadow of the great old white cross
Wealth heals all wounds and alleviates any kind of pain
The shroud of collective oblivion coats any individual scars
The widows of the skepticals have passed away before they could retaliate
And those who baptised the world with the sword have long been buried
And have not arisen from their graves
The guardians of righteousness have lost their immaculity
The rise of the enlightenment has defeated Christianity
But its legacy of submissiveness prevails in many brave man's heart and soul:
The saddening conception that humanity cannot choose its own destiny
With our lives based on the hope for salvation
The humanist paradigm is nothing but a charade
Condemned to inertia: a passive race
We wait and contemplate
And even in these days and age some people still believe
That Earth is at the center of God's own universe
And that man was made the 7th day, evolution is a myth
And that even bones of ancient creatures are no evidence of the fact that we are not the end of the chain
And they wont leave their ship
That is sinking
They refuse to leave their ship
And while they spoke of grace and love, forgiveness from above
They nailed thousands of non-believers to their crude symbol of love
The myth that man is the crown of God's creation
Breeds the excuse to deplete the Earth today
The myth that man is the crown of God's creation
Supports our present anthropocentric misconception