Devonian: Nascent (feat. Katatonia) Testo

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Testo Devonian: Nascent (feat. Katatonia)

Our dreams now soaring above the surface
With horizons shifting slow in blue
Rites of spring to chase the winter away
I allow my very mind to pass on through

Our fragments
In dust reunited

Took in the night to color my room
Had birth in the palm of my hand

But no one came to tell me
This road was overgrown
And so elusively kept
Send me back to the evening
Before our very first day
Must find time for my words
Before they go away

I found my place among the others
And realized the stars were all too far

The song that remains unsung
A chain around my neck
Thrusting on my back
This violent storm ahead
Of time never spent

Our fears are now soaring
below the surface of conscience
Our inner horizons shifting
slowly out of scale