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Testo Better Positions

Woo, ah
Oh, ooh woah, oh, oh, oh

Do you wanna know the truth?
Life would be much simpler from your point of view
All the pressure and people that don't rely on you (No)
Take my time up and energy, there's no space to move
Advice that I already knew
I'm too kind so I listen 'cause they got shit to prove
I keep karma on my racks, and I'm too scared to lose
How can I talk when my conversations are breaking news?

I remember when
Hazard brought me weed, I broke it down in tens
She must've thought I was ballin' but I had nothin' then
Kept my presentations strong because I need a chance
But I was no one in ends, I was just genius at pretendin' that one day this shit will end
Just a, gleam of hope amongst my friends
Loyalty to death
Only one, chosen, man I'm blessed
Doubt clouded their visions
I don't blame their decisions
Those who chose to listen secured some better positions (Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah)
And those who doubted they didn't
This the remix to "Ignition," hot and fresh out the kitchen

Need to work on myself
Humble myself and just to-
Light my spliff, blow the smoke in the air, and just
Rhyme to this
Need to humble myself and work on my self a just to-
Light my spliff, blow the smoke in the air, and just
Rhyme to this

I got my first house and I was twenty-one years old
Before that I was sleepin' on my bredrin sofa, I got older
He's a drug dealer, I went down a different road
For all of them chicks that didn't care to know us, I had to blow up
I had to glow up
Man I didn't think twice (Man I didn't think twice)
I've been strugglin' all my life (I've been strugglin' all my life)
Didn't take no more advice (I ain't take no more advice, bitch)
Ayy (Yeah, bitch)

Why my niggas never show no love to me (Bitch)
When you blow up, man I want a see it (Yeah, bitch)
I never asked you once to look up to me (Bitch)
I just wanna help you catch your dreams, man
I'll never sing nada, we all here to share that power
I told you, "The world is ours" (The world is ours)
One shot and [?] food, how much I grew
I learned to move (I move)
There's a deeper truth (You, you, you, you, you, you, you, you)