You See It? Testo

Testo You See It?

Yo, 20 bands go to waste (20)
But like a bitch them digits get replaced (get re-placed)
Build my own lane (build my own)
Never catch me in Sheffield you insane (skrr-skrr)

Windows esk-ket no delay (esk-ket)
Bitch I got billions on the way (think it's coming late)
Babe, step out lights and flames (flame)
The know its me, the know my mans, they know my name
Look at me zombie on the move
I was dead I was caught loose
Now I'm breathing harder than you (huh, huh)
Bitch I'm running shit everywhere
You look fresh, you want some Bell Air?
We got our bands up over here (Yeah we got them bands)
You see it (BITCH) x 8

Pick them bands you fucking bitch
I ain't joining you mans race
Your kind let me hit on first date
I got no baby on the way
Fuck this the games mine now
Mum said I was a bad kid but I'm making bands you don't mind now (you don't mind now)
The upside is I'm kind now
The lyrics
Black out the windows and