Roses Interlude Testo

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Testo Roses Interlude

Mm, baby, I love you and miss but I can't let you go
'Cause I won't let you, tell me I'm wrong for tellin' you

I know these roses ain't gon' take away the pain
But, but that's alright
I know these roses do not take away your pain (I know they won't buy)
Went up out the store and set out to get 'em for you
Bro, you a litterer and I put a rose, right next to it
Flowers die, emojis don't, shoulda texted it
'Cause roses don't take away pain, and I still remember them days
I used to look at you crazy when you said you liked rosеs but am I wrong?
Am I wrong for trying?
Or am I wrong for doing wrong and thinking this is trying?
Must've thought I did something when I bought you rosеs
I don't know who lied to me
But I know roses ain't gon' take away the pain