Fievel Goes South Testo

Testo Fievel Goes South

Speak louder girl
Cause I didn't hear a word you said
The whispers won't cut it this time girl
I'm full of the lies that you fed

I have been sitting tonight
With the intent to divide
All the wrong from the right
Your precious girl
But with the wrong intentions on life
Keep running girl
If you're trying to catch me
Before you run out of breath

Just enough to regret
The lack of emotion you felt
In that desperate hour
You cried, why?
It's so hard to imply
That it's me that you led astray
Now as your search for love
But I'm all out!

When his sweat concealed in yours
You joined a cult of lust and whores
Now was it better at the start
Before the sin and lustful parts

Let's take it back to where it began
The story of a girl who mistook a God for a man

You don't even know me anymore
It's been so hard
To tell you I'm sorry
I know, I know
That we were more than friends
In the end
And it's so hard
It's so hard to take