My Life Testo

Testo My Life

(feat. Lil' Flip, Laboo)

What up Lil' Flip, how life treating you boy

Living the life of ice is nice, and fancy cars and all that shit
Going to bars menage tois, and nice ass broads that we just flipped
Up in the mall they call us dogs, but we gon ball until we fall
If you ain't living like us, well bitch you ain't living at all my life yeah

[Lil' Flip]
My life-my life-my life, it ain't great
Cause some days, I barely had food on my plate
So when I get some, a nigga real greatful
Cause when you in the ghetto, rich people hateful
With the he say and she say, from Keisha to Nay-Nay
From Nay-Nay to Shante, Shante and Andre
Sha'll I go on, about the shit I see everyday
Like a whole bunch of black folks, with no place to stay
Nowhere to lay, nowhere to pray
Just imagine, if you wore the same clothes thirty days
With scuffed up dirty J's, and plenty holes in your shirt
And won't nobody help you, they treat you like dirt
It's my life, I married the streets and made the hood my home
And I'ma represent this shit, till I'm gone
And even when I'm gone, you can listen to my songs
Cause I'ma let you know, what's right and what's wrong
It's wrong to borrow money, and never give it back
But if your family poor, it ain't wrong to sell crack
It's right to make cash, and make sure your click eat
And it's right to do a feature, with a nigga like me
Cause I'ma tell the truth, about everything I say
I've been through some shit, nigga I came a long way
From boy to man, from zero to grands
From no shows to mo' shows, and now I'm a man


See I be trying to spit some knowledge, to these kids
But should I tell 'em go to college, or quit and find a gig
Cause the world don't really give you jack, and if you black
Fucking round with that crack, get you some time on your back
That's why I always, try to keep it clean
The FED time got my brother, doing fifteen
At bed time, send my prayers up
And I stay prepared for the money in the air, I'm trying to have stuff
That's why, I'm all off in the rap game
And worldwide, trying to spread it 'cross the map mayn
But black pride, got me thinking there's no limitation
Gotta survive regardless, any situation well

[Lil' Flip]
I'm grinding (where you at), on the block
(what's that) hand full of rocks, looking for the cops
(HPD) pull up, I wouldn't wanna be em
(what you do) hop the first gate, see em
Thank God I'm still breathing, cause I'm a little heathen
I'm the type of cat, that start shit for no reason
Use to have meetings, with the church deacon
Cause I was doing other shit, while he was preaching
And every single thing, he was saying came true
And when we got our shit together, in 9-2
And boy I was a fool, at making that cash
Hit licks flipping bricks, right after every class


That's right my life, my life of shining
Laboo, Lil' Flip all about grinding, living that life
You know that life that high life, the life of ice
And fancy clothes, and all that shit
I'm talking bout living it up nigga, down here in Texas
Niggaz ain't tripping you hear me, shit get hectic sometimes nigga
I feel you my nigga, be careful what you dream for nigga