Gangster Shit Testo

Testo Gangster Shit

(feat. Silencer)

[OG Spanish Fly]
Verse one fool dumpin
Comin off stompin
I represent the city and I'm quite away from Compton
Diego down, we don't fuck around
And down to blaze and pound
And down to let em down
On the ground no more sound
Comin out their mouth
And I'm shisty like a mothafucka
Dirty like the south
With a glock in my hand
And you know I'm in command
When you see me on the mic
Yeah you know to raise your hand
Don't stand up
Cause the mothafuckas get's no love
Rollin on some dubs
With the homie Royal fuckin it up
For the two thou ain't no tellin how, we do this shit
Ain't no tellin how we pull these hits
Low Profile on the map
And if you got some problems bitches down to get smacked
Tonight, feelin all right kinda high in the sky
Sittin on a cloud like a kite on my

It's some gangsta shit with homie Spanish Fly
Run up get done up, it's do or die
It's some gangsta shit on the wicked west side
I'm smokin on the bud til the day I d.. d.. die

[OG Spanish Fly]
Picture me mobbin, smashin on you fools
And gang bangin in this mothafucka breakin jaws and rules
Ain't no doubt what I'm about cause I'm gonna be like wow
Creep through the block with a glock and a sock
I don't give a fuck how I c.. c.. come come
See me on the strip with my g.. g.. gun gun
Wow tidow how you like me now
Chillin wit the homies and 40's gettin wild
Cruise a mile down highland it's on a bumpin
Bitches want some they get a little some
Of this cool ass mothafucka down to flow
I just pick up the mic a pistol grip and fuck my hoe
Like oh no you're comin from the O
I'll say it again and pour another cup of gin
For the oh no big maniacs
Comin back and sportin all black


I'ma blad mothafucka I was born to kill
I'm walkin through the cemetry and I kill for thrills
I'm the syko mothafucka with the chrome 45
Beware bitch now it's time for you to die
I got nikes ben davis and my head shaved up
On a mission for the kill cause I hear the devil call
Decapitated bodies lay around in the room
Fatal wounds to the chest now you're layin in your tomb
Like an avalance causin death on a slope
619 one nine zero to the four
Silencer is on a mission so you better keep away
San Diego West Coast, this is where we stay
Enemies I'm gonna smash and I'm gonna blast
Daggers to the neck so you know I'm gonna slash
Son of a bitch get ready to battle the baddest
You know I'm the baddest the pistol be poppin
You're droppin ain't nobody stoppin