Boot Camp Mfc Eastern Conference Testo

Testo Boot Camp Mfc Eastern Conference

(feat. Boot Camp Clik , MFC)

Ain't no time to waste, we in the race
All my peoples wit me, they try to get to first place
M.F.C., way for life, I'm here to let you know
Time don't wait for nobody, we tryin to get dough
You didn't hear about Magnum Force crushin
The ones you couldn't trust son, we just start bustin
Eliminate the weed, stand firm wit my scrum
Cuz I want all my real peoples to live long

[Lidu Rock]
These bitches wanna be my telephone love, and I got to admit it
They heard it's Lidu Rock, now ya niggas on my did-ick
Ya need to quit it, I cock gats then watch 'em spit it
To split it, ya ass in half, so come get wit it
It's Representative who never lack, no doubt
Bring on your wife, your baby moms, I blow that back right out
I be the mack with fout, the one O, so you know
I tear the veins out ya ass, like I'm triple fronto

I run wit the wildest, plus stylish, cats of way back
Whip whop, Big Joe, my uptown connect
Wit niggas got they tongue numb from stashin the cracks
I was throwin Papi store down wit the tape duct gat
I move up from that, now I flip legal trap
Tied up in mutual bonds, stocks and rap
Still I get loot from my man, when I'm broke for smoke
And catch a dice game in the PJ's, keep the bankin blow

Yo, startin tension, when I'm wit my shark fishin
Stompin competition, wit lines from my composition
Not to mention, I'm beyond comprehension
Boy, I retire MC's, then extort them for they pension
For instance, I turn a master to a presence
Through the fenceless, that go against this, is plain senseless
I'm out blastin, spit my word like a mack ten
You ain't laughin, splashin my jewels like a craftsmen
Perfect flex, on good neck niggas that claim
That ya done mastered the game, but ya worthless
That shit on purpose, snipe those who deserve it
Keepin niggas nervous, my M.F.C. at ya service

Yo, I got ya rap sissy fags under pressure
Shake it like earthquake, Richter scale couldn't measure
Who let the, monster out the cage, sharks swimmin thru ya sector
Behind you like back catchers, head snuff rock nester
Forever be the aggressor
Bring a marvel trouble, make us wet the set up
Calm ya heifer, get that bitch a check up from the neck up
I sell ya whole crew, black eyes like Uncle Fester
But it ain't zebra, that'll be ya knowin beaver
Cell phones, jewels, everything but ya sneakers
Keep those, caught po-po, I break ya jaw
Run M.F.C., muthafucka, we event no laws

News flash, for all ya bitch niggas who bruise fast
I twist pack ya sensitive ass, cuz you won't last in the arena
Caught between reality and dreaming, scheming
Get deleted by my team when you least expect it
Flip the script then I wreck shit
Caught you by surprise, now recognize and respect this
Don't sweat this, cuz Tek just scoop me up in the Lexus
Upset cuz you slept when I was makin connections
Travelin 'cross the U.S., linkin up with some of the truest
Revolutionist, niggas stay ready to do this
So let's do this

Sean Price in the house nigga, never forget that
If that nigga keep riffin, I'mma split his shit back
The way you get that, rap from, don't make me slap them
Niggas up in the face, til my people wit the gats come
From the producer, who like to looper
Type a hypa shit, that make the world act stupid
You try to play me son, you get a baby, when I got
Crazy guns, aimin them shits at your muthafuckin cranium
Flamin 'em, but in the long run, do nine blamin 'em
For the shit they do, cuz they claimin they into datin son
Maybe one of they niggas just might see the ruckus, but fuck it
All ya niggas corny as hell, so just suck dick

[Doc Holiday]
The few of the men, the greater the share of honor
Same shit up in cloud, when ya smokin marijuana
I never bow down, cuz chow down needs to hold down
I swatted them hoe, make the order of the tottin
My microphone is smokin like a glow skull
Tottin clums in this rap shit, get dethroned
Empty headed, before ya sweatbands is sweated
Test the top gun, without one, nigga, forget it

[Starang Wondah]
Ya niggas suck dick, my crew be on some I don't give a fuck shit
All boppin our shit to that new Rock and Ruck shit
Me and hold strong been down for to long
We done seen these bitches niggas outside, now come and gone
Now don't get me wrong, I like when I move
Run out to my shows in GS3OO's
Come out to my hotel and take off they clothes
Participatin in all the big holes
That's how it goes, we sip back guzzlin beers
They drink rhyme Tek and Steele, and they ain't been out for years

[Louieville Sluggah]
I get hyped son, and set it on the scene
Maybe it's he, Hennyville from N.Y.C.
Put it out, apostrophe A.G. enemy
Fo fuck wit M.F.C., you get buried
Crip like Carrey, I know ya niggas hear me
I put it on from dust to dawn, to stay worried
Row then he blow, row just like Moby
Dick in the dirt, to run the planet like Toby
Ya in it lonely, shootin shots like Shinobi
You wanna know me, but all I think about is money