Grow Testo

Testo Grow

Between the seams that line your living room
A vine of ivy's pushing her way through
And as she creeps along, she sinks her roots
Into the cracks, and pulls 'em back until the structure's coming loose

And the way the shadows on the wall are cast
Look like a twisted apparition from the past
And all the memories come flooding fast
A wilderness you kinda miss, but were taught you ought to cut it back
So you shut it out
You shout it down
Until you're all white-knuckled
You got a lot to learn, if you'd settle down

Let be what is, let be what isn't
It's a natural world in which we're living
And if you let it alone, it will surely grow
Just leave it alone, child, and let it go

And when all your ziggurats have crumbled down
And every stone is thrown like seeds across the ground
A new Arcadia will come around
And multiply until the binds of death have been unwound

So don't you shut it out
Don't you shout it down
And get your feathers ruffled
You got a lot to learn, if you'd just settle down
And let the river run its course

'Cause see, the ground all around
It was always holy
Leave the ruins where they fall
Leave them all
And let the wild take over