Millions Testo

Testo Millions

I know a man who’s longing for wealth
He’s willing to sell all but his health
And when he’s got for what he asked
He understands his happiness won’t last

I know a woman who’s longing for fame
She’s willing to play every nasty game
But what if her dreams will not come true
Who is gonna make her not feel like residue?
How many millions do you need to say that you succeed
to feel what they call proud until you’re a sell out?
How many men shall follow you before you call it a breakthrough
What makes you feel content when will it end?

I know someone who looks just like you
Already claiming this story can’t be true
But when I see the sparkle in your eyes
I do realize everyone has got his price

I know someone who fairly looks like me
caught in a world where no one’s really free
I see myself doing exactly the same
But I still don’t know who is to blame