Planetary Devastation Testo

Testo Planetary Devastation


Recondite motives necessitate reform on a terrestrial scale.
Analogous to the moon… a better planet will be created.

Thus begins an excursion to the core... with a smile on my face.
My legs tremble with anticipation.

Writhen in volcanic casing, invoking the energy of life,
…Indolently feeding worms and rats, and whose motion sustains means to an ultimate end.
So begins an intercession. So begins the end.


Motion is ceased. The veins beneath the soil grow cold and manifest tranquility.
Tidal activity endures radical alteration, consequently producing demersal societies.

Heat from the core evaporates all liquids. Imane atmospheric shock waves level the surface.
Initiate decomposition.


We ascend to the utmost eminence.
Matter collects in the palm of my hand to form a super dense black sphere.

Behold: creation.
It expands… the perfect planetary body.